Galaxy Shipping Corporation, derived from Galaxy Navigation Corporation, which was founded in October 1983 and purchased a 7000 tons of deadweight log carrier to start the shipping business. The vessel was flying R.O.C. flag and trading the area of South East Asia.

The next year, 1984, "Galaxy" acquired additional tonnages, M.V. "Grand Star" and other ships, to offer service to meet the demand of the booming demolition market, carrying steel products and scrap from Taiwan to Bangkok and agricultural products for the return voyage. For years, "Galaxy" has successfully established its foundation of expertise for shipping management.

In order to conform to the rapid change of international trade, in 1993, "Galaxy" purchased a 20,000 tons of deadweight ship M.V. "Unian" and transferred its business to the scope of tramp service. Currently, "Galaxy" manages two 30,000 tons grade of bulk carriers trading Far East area and earns reputation and credit of quality service.